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Irrigation & Drainage

Irrigation & Drainage

Keep your lawn lush and green all year round with irrigation services from Keith Isham Landscaping, LLC. We provide maintenance, and repairs for all types of irrigation and sprinkler systems to easily efficiently maintain a healthy yard. Sometimes your yard needs more than simple irrigation. Core aeration is a process that decreases soil compaction by removing core sections from the lawn . Aeration is important for assisting the flow of oxygen, water and fertilizer through the soil into your plants root systems. Ask us if core aeration can improve the health of your lawn and garden area.

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Proper Drainage

The two general types of drainage practices are surface and subsurface. Surface drainage is the removal of excess water from the soil surface. Sub surface drainage is the removal of water from the soil profile. Keith Isham Landscaping LLC can help you with surface drains and French drains and direct water away from your home foundations.

Other Services

Turf maintenance, fertilizer and insect applications, organic and non-organic programs available, PH corrections, lime applications, slice seeding, Hydro seeding, core aeration, sod installation, natural and dyed mulches, decorative stone, irrigation repairs,spring irrigation start up, fall irrigation blowouts, pergolas, perennial flowerbeds, outdoor lighting, cemetery plot maintenance, commercial and residential holiday decorations.